Delivering Canadian Fashion The Canadian Way.

Delivering Canadian Fashion The Canadian Way.

The Problem:

     In 1992 Canadian made clothing accounted for about 65% of the clothes Canadians bought. Today, that number has dropped to less than 23% and is showing no signs of improving.

     At Canook we feel it is wrong that many brands built around the idea of "Being Canadian” carry products that are designed and manufactured overseas. Marketing foreign made goods as Canadian products misleads the consumer and takes away from localized producers and manufactures attempting to compete on a global stage.


Instead of sitting back and complaining, we decided to do something about it... 

    We sought out the best Canadians brands from across the country to find forward thinking designers who are striving to reignite the Canadian fashion industry. We look for products that will last, are Canadian made, and designed to reflect modern fashion. In doing so, we created Canook Trading; a Canadian retailer that delivers Canadian fashion, the Canadian way. 


The Core Values of Canook Trading

Sweat The Small Stuff

    Big brands think Canadians want mediocre products and sacrifice quality for quantity. By sweating the small stuff, we'll always deliver a quality product and demand it from our suppliers and team.

Global Dreams. Local Heart.

    We want to bring Canadian fashion to the world. We're a small team but have a big heart to go with it. We're creating our own path on our own terms. We refuse to accept the status quo and are committed to our vision.

True Canadian Hospitality

    We're your Canadian cousin who likes to have a good time and make sure you're having one too.  Our staff are glad to help you with anything, from finding the perfect gift to a wardrobe overhaul, we got you.

Look Good Feel Good

    Canook makes it easy to feel good about buying. Whether you're looking to buy sustainable clothing, support Canadian brands or just simply look good -- Canook is your alternative to the big brand nightmare. We look high and low for the best Canadian brands so you don't have to.

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