Canada Bliss

   "My mother taught me how to crochet and sew when I was very young so I could make clothes for my dolls.  I expressed my creative flare by making dresses, scarves, purses, props - basically anything for me and my dolls. As an adult, I continued crochetingbut it wasn’t until I was married and pregnant with my kids that I really got serious about crochet.  The time I was off with each of my children, I crocheted up a storm, while I improved my crochet technique, finishing skills and designing. "

   "After returning to work and being in mostly corporate type jobs, I found comfort in crochet as my creative outlet.  I crocheted my way through some very stressful times.  The products of which I would wear, give to people or donate to charitable fundraisers.  Eventually people started asking for designs and placing orders which ultimately brought me to the realization that this is a craft that I love and something I really want to share with people."

  "Canada Bliss™, the name of my line of crochet hats and accessories, came to me very naturally.  It was how I describe the very feeling of calmness and joy I feel when I am creating and crocheting and thinking about the people I’m making them for.  It’s the one thing I go back to, and the one thing that I love to share with others."

  " I am truly grateful to say that the creation of Canada Bliss™ has already brought me on many adventures so far I hope you'll join in on the rest of this journey with me!"