Four years ago Edilou Canedo and a friend used vintage collector silver spoons to create necklaces. This was the beginning of the CUCHARA brand and also the story behind how it got its name. The Toronto-based jewelry line is created and designed by Edilou. The brand has evolved to produce various types of jewelery, which incorporate different types of metals, along with an array of gemstores and heavy chains. Each piece is hand crafted and combines bohemian chic with grimy city edginess to create jewelry that has been described as edgy and playful with a dah of elegance. Edilou grew up in Victoria B.C. and you can tell from her pieces that she takes inspiration from everything around her, whether it be the beach, the city, the 90's or any other beauty she encounters. She has already done a collaboration with Holt renfrew and we see many more big things in her future!


Yoga Jeans

Co-founder Eric Wazana's passion for denim was sparked when he was a kid — a kid who refused to accept the status quo. As teenager, every year before school started his mom would buy him a new pair of jeans. Eric would immediately start beating them up against the sidewalk, roughing them with sandpaper, making little tears with scraps of Coca-Cola cans to age them. They weren't right until they were comfortable and vintage-looking.
From these early experiments in distressing emerged Eric's love for denim and the idea to create a company of his own. His enthusiasm soon spread to his little brother Jacob and before long the two Wazana brothers set out to create the most comfortable jeans in the world.
At heart, they had one simple goal:
To make women of all ages, body shapes and walks of life feel confident, beautiful and sexy.
After studying women's natural curves and body movements, they deconstructed traditional denim patterns and fabrics and remade them as a new pair of Jeans so comfortable and flexible that they move with a woman's body. That's how Yoga Jeans™ were born. While most quality fashion goods are produced in China, East Asia and South America, the Wazana Brothers believe strongly in local production and social conscience. They've strived against all odds and despite industry standards to adhere to their principles. All of their denim is 100% handcrafted at the Yoga Jeans™ production facility in Quebec, Canada.
“Manufacturing here in Canada allows us more creativity and better quality control. But most importantly, it just feels right.” says Eric with a proud smile.


      Kovalum (pronounced "Kova-lum") is an independent Canadian label for men that is based in Toronto. They offer timeless, masculine style that is neither stiff nor foppish. Our clothing is built to last, in style and quality. Kovalum is essential fashion that is versatile and fits into any man's wardrobe at accessible prices. Added to this is our excellent, personalized customer service, all with Canadian politeness.

     All of their products are proudly made in Toronto, Canada at facilities that they visit. This allows Kovalum to closely monitor production quality. Because we are a small designer, all of our products have limited production runs, thereby ensuring quality and exclusivity.

    A portion of all proceeds from each purchase will be forwarded to support the Saint James Orphanage for girls in Alappuzha (formerly Alleppey), Kerala, India. This orphanage provides an upbringing to approximately thirty girls. It has been operating for over sixty years and is operated by the Carmelite nuns of Alappuzha.


Canada Bliss

   "My mother taught me how to crochet and sew when I was very young so I could make clothes for my dolls.  I expressed my creative flare by making dresses, scarves, purses, props - basically anything for me and my dolls. As an adult, I continued crochetingbut it wasn’t until I was married and pregnant with my kids that I really got serious about crochet.  The time I was off with each of my children, I crocheted up a storm, while I improved my crochet technique, finishing skills and designing. "

   "After returning to work and being in mostly corporate type jobs, I found comfort in crochet as my creative outlet.  I crocheted my way through some very stressful times.  The products of which I would wear, give to people or donate to charitable fundraisers.  Eventually people started asking for designs and placing orders which ultimately brought me to the realization that this is a craft that I love and something I really want to share with people."

  "Canada Bliss™, the name of my line of crochet hats and accessories, came to me very naturally.  It was how I describe the very feeling of calmness and joy I feel when I am creating and crocheting and thinking about the people I’m making them for.  It’s the one thing I go back to, and the one thing that I love to share with others."

  " I am truly grateful to say that the creation of Canada Bliss™ has already brought me on many adventures so far I hope you'll join in on the rest of this journey with me!"

Monte & Coe

Born and raised in Toronto, monte & coeis a reflection of our individuality and differing backgrounds, but is solidified around a shared appreciation of fashion and personal style. monte & coe brand is founded on one guiding principle: create high quality products that foster personal expression and practicality. We believe each piece should reflect your unique sense of style. Embrace a new perspective on traditional apparel.

Our goal is simple: Wherever you are and wherever you're going, #carryuswithyou.

Michelle Ross

Toronto-born designer, Michelle Ross, fuses atypical design with nostalgic sensibility to create her collection of contemporary jewellery. Adorning a faithful following since 2003, Michelle uses semi-precious stones and metals juxtaposed with glass, ceramics and vintage findings to produce each unique piece.

Michelle’s study of textiles at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design University honed her innate eye for detail and keen sense of style. In 2007, Michelle moved to London, England where her studies at the prestigious London College of Fashion brought her to intern for luxury fashion label, Erdem. Bringing her diverse background and experience into her own work, Michelle launched her debut womenswear collection in London, effortlessly blurring the line between clothing and jewellery. Michelle returns to Toronto to pursue her love of crafting handmade jewellery that reflects her truly distinct perspective. Michelle Ross Jewellery is the fine balance of elegance and unpredictability.


Born and raised in Toronto, Corrine Anestopoulos is inspired by contemporary design and exotic heirlooms from around the world. Behind Biko for ten years, Corrine has become an inspirational entrepreneur, mentor and colleague to many creative businesses in North America. Corrine graduated in 2005 with a Bachelor of Design in Image Arts from Ryerson University. Her artistry combines attention to detail, assorted materials and symbolic design elements.

Biko is a ‘modern nostalgic’ jewellery brand. Each piece is hand-crafted in Toronto, with love by Designer Corrine Anestopoulos. Born in 2004, Biko draws inspiration from memories of the past and translates such ideas into wearable, contemporary silhouettes. Biko marries vintage inspiration with mixed metals, hand-cast pendants and natural stones to create versatile pieces that tell a story.

Liel and Lentz

Liel and Lentz was founded by childhood friends Diandra Guglielmello and Maggie Coblentz. Back in their hometown the two friends decided to combine their passions through the launch of Liel and Lentz, with Diandra running business operations and Maggie as designer. The company is currently located in Toronto, ON.

Maggie received a Bachelor of Design from Ryerson University in Toronto, but has also studied fashion at Parsons in NYC, and the National Institute of Fashion Technology in New Delhi, India. Travel is one of Maggie's biggest sources of inspiration. It was in India that her exposure to diverse materials, colours, and modes of production led her to a career in jewelry design. Maggie’s grandmother used to design jewelry and she inherited her original set of tools that she uses to this day.

Diandra's involvement in the business of fashion grew out of her extensive background in retail. Her understanding of the fashion industry is a product of her experiences in buying, visual merchandising, event production, marketing, and the launching and management of online stores.

The Stowe

The Stowe was born from a desire to create beautiful, functional accessories. Stowe founder Molly Spittal, a graduate of Vancouver’s Blanche MacDonald fashion design program, had an epihany after a conversation with a local cobbler regarding a damaged belt. This exchange introduced to her the conecpt of leather as a craftperson’s material, rather separate from the fashion world she was accustomed to. She fell in love. An impluse move to Montreal led to a position as a sample maker, refining patterns for luxury brands like Alexander Wang, Ghurka, and Rag & Bone. It was there that the interest in the various processes of leather crafting coalesced with her background in fashion and created the inspiration for the Stowe.

From the beginning, our aim has been to create products that combine timeless minimalism with functional design. Our products are made exclusively in Montreal, Quebec, by skilled artisans with decades of experience in the leather-making industry.

The milled cowhide and oiled buffalo leathers featured in the collection were carefully selected for their aesthetic appeal and durable nature. Various other materials, like

the marine-grade double-braided nylon rope straps on the Frances backpack, for example, were sourced with a similar approach. The Stowe uses solid brass hardware and YKK zippers.

Naked and famous


The name Naked & Famous is a satire of our celeb-obsessed culture. We aim to poke fun at “Hollywood” and “glamour” brands that sell jeans for $300 and up solely because a celebrity endorses them and not because they are higher quality.

Our logo is reminiscent of 1950’s pop-art. Early pop-artists depicted the “ideal blond” as a satire of mass media and mass culture and then fed it right back to them. We intend to do the same.


We are denim nerds! That’s why we use only the best and most rare denim in the world. All of our denim is top quality Japanese denim and we will never use anything else!

We use raw Selvedge denim, which is some of the most expensive and highly sought-after denim in existence. Selvedge denim is almost exclusively from Japan and is made on old school shuttle looms rarely used today. These early looms create a unique type of denim that has amazing characteristics not possible on modern day machines. Selvedge denim is the only true vintage denim fabric and is loved by denim connoisseurs everywhere.


We think they look damn cool that way. Raw jeans give the end wearer the power to decide its fate. Most denim aficionados don’t wash their jeans for several months so that they break in and fade naturally. The result is a beautiful and personalized jean.

Price point. Every time a manufacturer adds another washing or distressing process to your jeans, you end up paying for it big time. Crinkling, sanding, hand abrasion, whiskering, stone washing and other pro-cesses are expensive and add considerably to the final price of your jeans. By eliminating these costly (and in our opinion, unnecessary) processes, we are able to bring you the best and most rare denim in the world at a reasonable price.

18 Waits

18 Waits is a common ground for like-minded individuals. It is a lifestyle as opposed to simply a brand or fashion label. It’s a way of life inspired by a joie de vivre and an appreciation of the finer things in life like an old pair of leather boots or a child’s painting. 18 Waits has an old European mentality which, at the same time, takes inspiration in nature and the natural flow of the earth. It is a lifestyle which adheres just as much to Parisian cafés as it does to old English pubs, 1920s New York speakeasies, wood cabins by the lake, old upright pianos, poetry, literature, and 1970s rock and roll music.

The clothes are built well from the finest fabrics appropriate for each item within the collection. There is virtually no detail overlooked and thoughtfully addressed. These items are meant to be worn well, enjoyed, loved, and destroyed.